BE the Change.


For Washington State Senate, District 48

Bellevue, Redmond & Kirkland

Countdown to the General Election: November 8th, 2022


Issues that impact Washingtonians daily

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Public Safety

Prioritize public safety and support law enforcement while protecting citizen's rights.

Quality of Life

Reduce the regulatory and tax burden that is strangling small businesses and increasing the cost of housing.


Make sure every child in Washington State has access to quality education and that parents' voices are heard.

Why I'm Running: My North Star

As your State Senator I pledge to listen to all viewpoints and my focus will be advancing legislation that shifts power back from the state government and bureaucrats to individuals and small businesses.

My North Star will be Article I Section I of our Washington State constitution:

All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

With every single decision I make I will be weighing the balance of power. “Does this law shift power to the people or to the government?”

In the last few years, our legislature has shifted entirely out of balance.  It would seem that our legislature has drifted entirely out of touch from the people of this state. One would wonder if they ever rub elbows with the single mom trying to support two children, or the small business owner supporting several families. Do they see the homeless on the streets or have they suffered a robbery or assault? Do they really comprehend the effect of their thousands of bills each session on families and businesses? I do not think so and that is why I am running for WA State Senate.

It is time for a positive change and as your senator I will BE the change you wish to see.

Michelle’s Platform: In 3 Minutes

See Michelle on KING 5 Inside Politics where she discusses her priorities and solutions to District 48's issues with her Democrat opponent, highlighting the difference in her philosophy and approach

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